Glass Safety Protection Film


We have highly trained, professional installers ready to secure and protect your glass in your home or office. 

  • Our safety window film is designed to hold broken glass together, protecting people and property in the event of break-ins and vandalism. The clear safety film is virtually undetectable, creating an invisible barrier against missiles such as bricks and stones.
  • Regular glass is typically not manufactured to resist any kind of impact that puts sudden, excessive force on the window pane. This can include impact from forced entry, wind-blown debris, vandalism, falls, explosions or any other kind of similar event.
  • When a pane of glass shatters, it can create hundreds of deadly shards, endangering the safety of anyone in the vicinity. In fact, the majority of glass injuries are caused by people accidentally colliding with glass panes.
  • While modern windows made from tempered glass are safer, there are still many windows made of older, easily-breakable glass. If you're looking for a solution that doesn't involve spending a lot of money on replacing all your windows, safety window film could be the answer.
  • If your premises have glass that you consider might be unsafe, or if your panes are at risk from harsh elements, consider installing safety window film. It will hold in place shattered glass, so that when stress causes a window to break, the film provides a protective membrane on the interior side of the pane, preventing shards of glass from causing injury or damage by becoming pointed "missiles".
  • Windows are among the most vulnerable parts of your business premises or home when it comes to vandals or would-be thieves who are intent on causing damage, or breaking in. They are a common point of entry, and although security systems and alarms are useful, they may not stop a determined criminal from trying to smash your window.
  • With safety window film, an intruder may be deterred from breaking in, as even if the pane is struck with a heavy implement, it cannot be readily penetrated.
  • Conforming to British Standards, BS6206, Class B, our safety window film is supplied, pre-cut and installed at your convenience.
  • We also stock the solar control window film to reduce the glare and heat from sunshine, and privacy window films to prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your property.



  • Features of our protection film, resistant to spills, stains, scuffs and tears. Creates a glossy finish without changing the original colour of the furniture.
  • Kitchen worktop covering is easy to maintain and care: oil, water and moisture resistant. Prevents scratches, damage and aging of furniture surfaces. 
  • Splashback for kitchen is waterproof: the transparent lined paper is water and oil resistant and easy to clean. In everyday use, you wipe it gently and it's instantly clean. It can be used for a long time.
  • Transparent film range of application:Clear contact film rolls are designed for indoor/outdoor accessories and can be used on any smooth surface such as kitchen tile backsplashes, cookers, dishwashers, glass doors, window glass, kitchen or bathroom tiles, household appliances, air conditioners.

    Many sports cars and other valuable items are covered using a very similar product to maintain the quality of the paintwork and prevent any damage such as scratches and chips.