Kitchen Wrapping 


We can transform the look of any kitchen with our high-quality Matte and Gloss vinyl's.

The picture below shows just how we can bring the oldest doors back to a modern style.

This particular kitchen has been re-surfaced before the Grey Matt vinyl was applied.


See below for other ways we can refresh your kitchen including worktop wrapping, tiles and splashbacks too!

You can also get a new feel to your kitchen with our range of handles available.




Worktop Vinyl's


All work surfaces can be vinyl wrapped. We have many types of Effect vinyl's for you to choose from including Marble, Granite, Quartz and various wood effects...

Once the installers have installed your chosen vinyl, they will silicon around the edges of the vinyl to keep it watertight. This can reassure you the edges of our vinyl's will not lift!

All our vinyl's are very durable, heatproof up to 150 degrees and have a scratch-resistant coating. Again, all worktop vinyl's supplied and fitted by us will also come with a 7-year guarantee.




Tiles & Splashbacks


Are you looking to change the look of your tiles and splashbacks without the cost of replacing them?  We have vinyl's pre-cut and ready to be applied over your tiles. Once you have decided on the effect or colour you would like, our installers will take great care of the application process. 

As mentioned above, our pre-cut tile vinyl and splashback vinyl's also come with the same 7 Year guarantee when supplied and fitted by us. 

Many colours available. All samples can be seen.